Friday, October 16, 2009

A Few Pictures

c.1880's estate bookcase from near Augusta GA. Medical antiques on all shelves, Old crutch noted, framed anatomical pictures to the left of bookcase. Check inventory above for item list in each display case. All display cases/bookcase convey with sale of antique collection.

Post-1880's antique wheelchair/convalescent wheelchair in excellent condition. Atop the wheelchair sits the teaching mannequin (clothed in a dress). The mannequin has osteum for teaching nurses how to take care of tracheal airways, perform NGT placement and bladder catherizations.

Reproduction antique with inlays display case with glass top and sides. Mostly civil war era collection resides in this case.

Old English cabinet with mother-of-pearl inlays c. 1860's displays the Civil War Amputation Kit and other high priced items, atop sits the portable microscope and below the two doctor bags... one a traditional black doctors bag (early 1900s and a case filled with instruments and pill bottles, suture, etc.)

Dr. Alfred H. Whiteford's amputation kit.  He was with NY 99thInfantry Naval Brigade

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